current work in progress & recent projects

Recent commission, 24 x 36 inches, acrylic on canvas (the main request was to include my signature boat and safety pin combination. Delivered December 2021.

A painting from 2021
nightscape/car series, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16 inches, 2020

nightscapes and cars

I am working on paintings based on my own photographs and composites of photos, imagination/memory to show in 2021. I have taken pictures of classic cars and images of incredible skies at dusk and an night, which inspire a looser more abstract approach and exploration of colors and marks.


I am painting one hundred paintings for one hundred people to expand my painting practice, and raise funds for a future studio and home of drawing room.

To participate, check out the wordpress link and contact me: pay $100 Venmo or check, receive a number, and in time (thanks for your patience, a 16 x 20 inch painting  will be delivered, shipped. This is a bit of discipline, painting, magic and communal sharing.

I hope to exhibit as many of the paintings as I am able in a future pop up exhibit, providing an opportunity for the participants to meet one another.


2019: flotsam and jetsam: work in progress were on view Portland Chamber of Commerce from April to December 2019:  a series of paintings pairing objects from observed and imagined references. Elusive limbs pass dime store treasure, and dream remnants float in a Kesey milky fog-hide-n-seek game. Unresolved and somewhat cryptic, these paintings and drawings reflect the incompleteness and constant change we embody. Life is a cycling of of discarded and salvaged loot, fleeting moments, and residual sensations.

Flotsam RHEAULT copy (1).jpg

Private Collection. 2018




Below are drawings and paintings (some were painted over) from 2018:IMG_E3977.jpgIMG_1607.jpgIMG_1786.jpgIMG_E1636.jpgIMG_1641.jpgIMG_1643.jpgIMG_1645.jpgIMG_E3572.jpg

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